WIFI Connected Locker Access System An electronic locking suite, capable of remote management and reliable use for Iowa State University.

The goal for this project is to provide an easy to use system for electronic access to senior design lockers. The current lockers are currently inadequate for several reasons. Our group feels that these may be improved in many ways, primarily by introducing an element of logic to the system. By the end of the year we plan to deliver a new electronic locker control access system to the ECPE department with a control panel, three complete locking units, and a users manual.

This project is to solve the problem of security and management of the storage and lockers in the senior design lab in Coover 1301. Currently, the lockers are being secured by padlocks, where the same locks are reused semester after semester. This is an issue as previous students may tamper with current student's projects, as well as the maintenance overhead of manually assigning lockers to students, or removing identifying information on the physical locks to attempt to prevent security issues.




Team Photo

Team Advisor and Client: Lee Harker

              Email: Leharker@iastate.edu

Team Leader: Nathan Castek

              Major: Electrical Engineering

              Email: ndcastek@iastate.edu

Team Webmaster: Corey Cazzato

              Major: Computer Engineering

              Email: ccazzato@iastate.edu

Team Communicator: Nathan Lafferty

              Major: Computer Engineering

              Email: lafferty@iastate.edu

Team Key Concept Holder: Priyank Patel

              Major: Electrical Engineering

              Email: pdpatel@iastate.edu

Team Technical Leader: Mohammad Syazwan

              Major: Electrical Engineering

              Email: syazwan@iastate.edu